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I am often asked why we came to Spain, and how we like living here.  Hence the blog.  As I write this on a perfect day in early summer, it seems like paradise.  The learning curve was steep, but well worth it.  The intention of this site is simply to inform those who might be considering coming to live in Spain by describing the hoops we had to jump through and, once settled, daily life.  Holiday visitors might find it useful.  It might just even be an entertaining read.

We have been in Spain for two and half years.  To all intents and purposes we’d never been here before, apart from a couple of sunny holidays decades ago. We certainly never contemplated retiring here, thanks to the UK media who mainly left us with the impression that the Costas were overrun with puking, drunken Brits and ladette hen parties.

We were planning on Cape Town, but with the rise and rise of Julius Malema’s political party of “nationalise the banks” and “nationalise the mines” decided to give it a miss. We didn’t have a plan B, and needed one pretty quickly because we’d sold our house in Australia (where we lived) and the removal people wanted to know, for the quote, where we were going. So did we.

We were saved by elderly relatives in England who, a couple of years back, had discovered email so got back in touch with us in Australia and kept urging us to go to Dénia, where they have a house.  When the Cape Town plan went south and time was of the essence (we had three weeks to pack up the house in Queensland, sell the cars and so on) Denia became the only game in town.  We had to look it up. We had to find a nearish port to which our furniture and stuff could be sent. “Oh look, it’s not far from Valencia. That’ll do.”

And here we are. It is the nicest place we have ever lived. Having lived in umpteen places spread over four continents, this is a serious accolade. Actually we live in Javea, next door to Dénia if you discount the 10km steeply winding mountain pass that separates the two, and which some folk chicken out of by driving the long way round.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing and the inevitable muddles and mistakes of settling in another country were made steeper by eurozone crises and linguistic challenges (some still ongoing, follow the blog) but if you are thinking of moving to Spain, you should be enlightened and encouraged by future thoughtsfromspain. And if not, well, just enjoy.

The Blog is divided into Pages (actual experiences) and Posts (occasional thoughts and insights into daily life as they occur)..

[Note: I am not an authority on anything, merely an observer and any processes recounted here, such as obtaining a Spanish ID, might well have changed.]

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